Beautiful Broken Mess by Kimberly Lauren.

18307792Broken, Book Two

eBook, 238 pages

Published November 9th 2013

Jace has kept a secret from his twin brother Jaxon for a very long time. A secret about a girl with a very tumultuous past with Jax – Audrey. She may have ‘forced’ Jax to marry her because she was pregnant, and then been dumped when it was discovered that the baby wasn’t even his, but there’s more to that story than anyone knows.

It was Jace who first met and became interested in Audrey. And who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t walked into a party and kissed Jaxon, thinking he was his brother? But now, years later and despite all the confusion and heartbreak, Jace and Audrey finally have a chance to be together. But how will Jaxon take the news, when it goes completely against their bro code?


Beautiful Broken Mess shows us Audrey’s whole story. Including recounts of the parts of Beautiful Broken Rules where she showed up, telling them from her perspective, which paints them in a totally different colour. So if you read the first book and then thought ‘ugh!’ when you saw that Audrey was the leading lady in the second book don’t worry – she’s not the horrible person you may think she is. As for me, I actually liked the idea of Audrey being redeemed. I’ve always liked that sort of thing in novels.

Audrey is a pretty cool chick. She’s had a hard life, and has only recently really started to become the woman she’s destined to be. She’s growing up, and moving on.

I loved Jace in the first book. He was like a big teddy bear – he reminded me of this guy I grew up with. He still has that big brother thing going on with his mates girlfriends, but when it comes to his own girlfriend, he’s pretty much exactly like Jaxon – possessive and jealous (maybe slightly less so than his bro). I was hoping he’d be different, but I still liked him.

Unlike BB Rules, BB Mess is written from two perspectives – Jace’s and Audrey’s. I quite liked that. It was shorter than it’s predecessor as well. There were similar amounts of graphic content – once again, I found there to be a good balance.

It’s really hard for me to pinpoint my main problem with this book. I feel like it maybe didn’t do Jace and Audrey justice. Their romance was the main focus, but then the story became about the whole group of friends. By the time I finished, it was more about a happy ending for everyone, rather than just the two people it was mainly about. I think that their actions became a little too rushed by that point. The ending was a little too cute for me – sweet to the point of a toothache, you know?

Read this if you enjoyed the first book.

My Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.30/5


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