Painless by Devon Hartford.

18191219The Story of Samantha Smith, Book Three.

eBook, 547 pages

Published January 30th 2014

Painless concludes the love story of Christos and Samantha.

Christos is fighting for his freedom, and even though Sam could help solve the problem for him, he refuses to let her in.

Meanwhile, Samantha is still in the middle of a war with her parents about the whole art thing – they want her to become an accountant, and have cut off some of their financial support. When she still doesn’t change her major back from art, they add even more pressure to her situation.

And even as Christos and Samantha solve some of their issues, there are more heading their way…


Having just finished Painless, I have an overall good feeling about this book. There was a good ending, with plenty of scope for more books surrounding the same cast of characters. I’m hanging out for a book about Tiffany, an old family friend of Christos’ and a current enemy of Samantha. Mostly we only saw her as a total bitch, so it will be interesting to see other facets of her personality.

In my reviews for the previous two novels, I don’t think I ever mentioned Sam’s friends. There is the extravagant Romeo – a young gay man who dresses like a suave vampire. Kimiko, who loves to draw anime and would really like to be an artist, but whose parents want her to be a doctor (unlike Sam, she is actually doing what her parents want, but doesn’t seem to mind so much). Madison, a cool beachy freshman, is Sam’s best friend (her boyfriend, Jake, is also in it a little). The dialogue between all of the friends is very lively, but also very crude (especially when Romeo is around!). There have been a lot of sexual references throughout all three books. A lot!

I so appreciated the fact that there was never a love triangle in this trilogy. There were people who were interested in Christos and Sam respectively but neither of them ever acted on anything. I loved that the author came up with more original causes for conflict.

There was plenty of drama in Painless, but also plenty of happiness. Sam is a completely different woman than the nineteen-year-old girl we met at the beginning of Fearless.

I would recommend this series to fans of cheeky new adult romances.

My Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.29/5


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