Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren.

17729712Broken, Book One

eBook, 375 pages

Published May 13th 2013

Emerson (that’s Em to you, thanks) knows that she is the school slut. She likes guys, and guys like her. But she never wants to get into a relationship, or get married, ever. So she has three simple rules:

1) Never sleep with a guy a friend has feelings for.

2) Never sleep with a guy who has a girlfriend.

3) Never sleep with a guy more than three times.

She had no problem sticking to these rules, until Jaxon showed up, that is.

He’s the best friend of her best friend who recently moved with his brother from Texas. He’s stunningly hot, an amazing football player, and he lives next door. Plus, he seems to get her.

Em looks forward to being with Jaxon, thrice and no more. But soon everything gets complicated. She likes him too much, and although he respects her three main rules, he keeps finding ways to sneak around her unspoken rules. With Jaxon, Em can be Emerson – someone so different from the image everyone has of her.

Is it time for Em to finally put away her rules and become someone’s girlfriend? Is her heart capable of such a thing?


I have this habit of buying a lot of indie ebooks all at once and then just forgetting what they’re about. So I have to look them up again when I’m figuring out what to read next. I was checking out Beautiful Broken Rules on Goodreads, and it has a lot of really good reviews. I can definitely see why – It was really good.

I feel like there was a really good balance when it came to the graphic stuff, like sex and swearing. It was there, but it wasn’t in your face or over the top. I liked that. Also, although there was drama, it wasn’t too crazy, either. Plus, there were heaps of really cute moments. The dialogue wasn’t too cheesy and there were some sweet romantic gestures.

I love Emerson. She’s so different from me, but I could still relate to her. And Jaxon was a swoon-worthy male lead, but maybe a little too possessive. I actually loved his twin brother Jace best of all – he’s such a sweetie (I hope he’s in the limelight of the next book). Quinn and Cole, Em’s best friends, are really cool too. Together, the five of them make up a tight group of friends.

You see Em grow and change throughout this novel. She matures and figures out how to be whole again. She is the way she is because of a tragedy in her past. She has to try to move past her pain before she can truly let anyone in.

If you’re a fan of college New Adult romance, then give this one a go.

My Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.27/5


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