Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares.

9461872Companion to/Fifth Book in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Series.

349 pages

Published June 14th 2011 by Random House

A decade has passed since the pants went missing. Tibby, Carmen, Bee and Lena are now twenty-nine years old; each living different lives in different cities, but still remaining close friends.

Carmen is living in NYC and has a proper acting gig on a crime drama. She’s engaged to Jones, a producer for ABC – a man that none of Carmen’s friends particularly like or approve of.

Lena teaches art at RISD and sometimes sells her own paintings. She has a boyfriend that she sees no future with, and a lot of her old introverted ways.

Bridget lives in San Francisco with Eric. She temps and spends her spare time doing eccentric, Bee-like things. She is still that strange, untamed, wild woman that she was so many years ago – a real contrast to her boyfriend’s stableness.

Tibby is the wild card – she moved to Australia with Brian two years ago and the other women often find it hard to get in contact with her. When she reaches out with a proposition to all get together for a reunion of sorts, Carmen, Bee and Lena are so relieved. This is just the thing they all need.

But then the unthinkable happens, and the Sisterhood is forever changed.


Sisterhood Everlasting is a melancholy, beautiful novel. Part drama, part mystery, part romance. It’s a tearjerker and a tragedy. It is a story of being broken and lost, and finding a way to put yourself back together again.

I saw my own self reflected in various situations and related with this book more than most others in the series – maybe even more than with the first book.

It’s both disappointing and relieving that all four women are still so similar to their teenage selves. For someone like me, who an outsider would probably think doesn’t have it all together in the way of success or prospects, it’s nice to see that these are real people – adults – who may not be completely sure of everything yet. They aren’t raging successes, the toast of their respective towns. Rather, they are people have accomplished some things, but are still striving and struggling to find themselves, and reach the rest of their goals. And maybe those goals are different now than what they used to be. Things change, including our own desires. I think it would be unrealistic if they all had perfect lives.

The ending is so ridiculously beautiful and hopeful and perfect. This is what my face looked like:


Of course, there were plenty of times when I felt like this throughout the novel:


It probably goes without saying that this is written for adults. There’s a frankness about things like sex that wasn’t in the young adult novels. There’s a teensy bit of swearing and more mature themes. Stuff like that, you know? What’s also interesting is that when the fourth book was published in 2007, the girls were turning twenty. In Sisterhood Everlasting – published in 2011 – they are turning thirty. So they are actually, technically, living six years in the future (if I did the math right!). There’s a useless little theory of mine for you.

For any Sisterhood fans, this is a must read.

My Rating: 5/5 (hardly a surprise at this point in the series – these books are all getting major nostalgia points!)

Goodreads Rating: 3.88/5


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