Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by Laini Taylor.

103051561804866518001518I read this series a month or two ago, and don’t want to do the books an injustice by giving a lesser review because they aren’t totally fresh in my mind – but at the same time, I feel that I need to mention how great the series is!

I tried to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone a year or so ago and couldn’t finish it. I’m not sure why exactly – the premise was intriguing and I did enjoy the first fifty or so pages. Anyway, one day I was perusing my bookshelf and it seemed like exactly the thing I should be reading – do you ever feel that way? Also, with the third and final book coming out,  it was a good time to give it another go.

Having now read all three books, I think that this is an incredible series. It is of a much higher caliber than any other ‘angel’ series that I have read. But angels aren’t the half of it – there are also the chimeara (read the books to discover more about them). It’s just so rich, you know? It’s overflowing with amazing ideas and characters. I want to give a proper description of the story but it’s hard because I don’t want to spoil the first book for anyone.

It’s a romance, for sure, but it’s so much more. There is literally a whole other world of more!

For anyone who has looked at this series and just wasn’t sure – I implore you to give it a go. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was a little bit hard for me to get through – there’s a lot of world building and history to get through. But stick with it, because Days of Blood and Starlight is great, and Dreams of Gods and Monsters is even better again. I was constantly amazed at where the story was taken, and how things progressed. There’re multiple points of view from a dazzling amount of characters, and more imaginative ideas than you can poke a stick at!

The only series I can compare it to is the Chaos Walking series by Partirck Ness (another incredible series that you simply must read). But that’s only in essence, not particularly in plot. The way both series progressed is a little similar, I guess, but not really. It’s hard to describe, but I just thought about the Chaos Walking series a little while I was reading Laini Taylor’s trilogy.

If you like big, sprawling books that are full of mythical creatures and great characters (come on, the main character is a blue haired girl who helps a mysterious beast collect teeth – how does that not intrigue you?), then I think you will enjoy the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.


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