The Love Game by Emma Hart.


Book One in The Love Game series.

321 pages

Published March 29th 2013 by Emma Hart

Maddie is the gorgeous unattached girl from Brooklyn. Braden is the definitive player/man whore. Maddie and her friends decide that someone needs to teach Braden a lesson – they want Maddie to make him fall in love with her and then dump him. She hates him deeply but agrees for some reason that even she isn’t privy to. Braden and his friends bet that Bray should try to get Maddie to fall for and have sex with him within a certain time frame. He thinks she’s completely hot, so has no problem trying to get into her pants. They each have a month to complete their task. Meanwhile, Maddie’s got family issues – like the fact that her loser brother is asking for money again.

What happens if Maddie and Bray fall in love for real?

What I liked about The Love Game: *There weren’t issues/troubled pasts/etc from both main characters, and Maddie’s family issues weren’t treated like some massive secret – sometimes I feel like all the drama gets a bit much in these type of novels, so it was good to not have too much ‘troubled past’ stuff going on. *The old ‘bet to get the girl/guy’ plot is an oldie but a goldie, so no complaints from me on the storyline. *I liked reading from both Maddie and Braden’s point of view – I usually like this style in any book!

What I didn’t like about The Love Game: *So many unnecessary f-bombs – I might know a few people who swear every second sentence or so, but in this book it’s practically the entire cast! They need to wash their mouths out with soap! *Sometimes the writing style seemed a little unsophisticated. *I hated the way that Braden always calls Maddie ‘angel’ – right from the beginning! I was like, Excuse Me, but she has a name, would you mind using it? I guess I am not such a big fan of pet names (once my sister sent me a text that was meant for her husband and she called him this cutesie pet name – I pretty much gagged. So not my thing!). *The other thing I don’t get in this string of good-girl-gets-the-bad-boy/mega-player type novels that I have been reading, is how there’s always a guy that every single girl seems to be going on heat for. I mean, really? Are there guys that hot and alluring out there that girls will turn on each other to get a piece of them? I’ve known really good looking guys, but girls don’t act like it’s mating season around them. I don’t know, it just bugs me.

I know my list of stuff I didn’t like is much longer than the list of stuff that I did like, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy The Love Game. It’s certainly one of the more forgettable new adult books out there, but it’s an alright read. I think that I’m intrigued enough to go on and read one of the other couple’s stories in the next installment of the series.

My rating: 3/5

Goodreads rating: 4.04/5


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