Shut Out by Kody Keplinger.

10757771Hardcover, 273 pages

Published September 5th 2011 by Poppy

At Lissa’s high school, the soccer and football teams have a massive rivalry going on. In autumn, it’s war! Often when Lissa and her quarterback boyfriend are having ‘couple time’, some idiot from the soccer team will attack and Lissa’s idiot boyfriend will go after them. She is sick of being second best to some stupid rivalry and assembles all the girlfriends together to hatch a devious plan – the girls will withhold sex (or whatever they happen to be giving their boyfriends) until the boys stop this little war! It starts out with just the footballers girlfriends, but soon the soccer player’s girlfriends join in too.

Soon the boys find out. For a while they don’t do much about it, but then the unattached and unattainable Cash, one of the star soccer players, smarts up and leads the boys properly – strategically trying the lure the girls back into their arms. It just so happens that Cash and Lissa have a bit of a past, which makes all this withholding business that much harder. Who will cave first?

The battle is on.

This is my second Kody Keplinger novel, and once again it is all about teen sex. When I read a book like this, I am always like “seriously? these teens are having that much sex??”. My high school experience was so opposite to this book. Obviously, this may be because of the crowd I hung out with, the fact that I live in a different country to Lissa and also my own views and opinions about teen sex (they are obviously very different to the authors, but I will put that aside). Anyway, I am always a bit incredulous to start with when I read something like this, but I get over it after a while and just settle into the story.

There were some good questions/thoughts raised about the double standards of sex, i.e. a girl who has sex a lot is a slut, but a guy who has sex a lot is a hero. Also, it makes you think about the way girls are treated: like a girl who doesn’t ‘give it up’ is a prude, or a tease, but then if she is having sex, then she’s a whore. It’s really not right for women to be treated this way but we all know it happens. (now I’m digressing …) One day I was thinking about how there are hardly any movies where there is a strong, woman heroine – in this day and age, you know? I guess that’s why novels are so great – there’s plenty of heroines out there.

Anyway, back to Shut Out. I think I liked it. I read it all in one go in the bath just now. I think that it was a superior book to The Duff, the first novel by Kody Keplinger.

If you like young adult books that are unafraid to be bold about sex, then I guess this is for you.

My rating: 3/5

Goodreads rating: 3.74/5


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