Kill the Music by Nansi Kunze.

18072883Paperback, 288 pages

Published July 1st 2013 by Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Lorna is the sister of Flint Powell, lead guitarist of Turmoil – the world’s most famous band. Their parents died some years ago and once Flint turned eighteen, he became Lorna’s legal guardian. She travels the world with his band and does all her school work long distance. But then the guys manager suggested they settle down a little bit to reduce stress – so they buy a house together in Australia, where Lorna starts attending a normal high school.

She makes a good friend in Gen, and popular guy Rueben keeps hitting on her. Lorna still gets to travel with the  band when they go on short weekend trips to other countries for filming videos and doing shows.

One day at a band practice, Lorna goes into a crowed storage room for some peace and overhears someone making a threatening phone call that sounds as if someone is planning to kill Turmoil. Lorna reports the incident to the police and is soon helping them try to uncover the main instigator. She’s the perfect plant, because she is so close to the guys and goes everywhere with them.

There are suspicious characters everywhere, and Lorna is bogged down trying to solve the mystery before something horrible happens.  Meanwhile, Marius – lead singer and notorious ladies man – starts showing an interest in Lorna …

If everyone loves the world’s most famous band, who is trying to kill them?

Kill the Music was good, but not fabulous. I loved the premise, and there were some parts that were really cool, but I felt like maybe something was missing. I don’t know. It’s one of those books that sort of goes smudgy in your mind afterwards, only letting the good parts be remembered. But I know that when I finished it, I definitely thought that it needed something a little more.

I guess how you react to a book also depends on what else you’ve been reading, like if you read something crap before it you might think “oh wow, this is awesome!” or if you read something amazing before it you’d probably be seriously disenchanted. For me, I have been reading more new adult stuff lately, so to go back to a younger main character again might have something to do with my experience.

Anyway, if you like young adult books about kids who lead a charmed life, or teenage sleuths, then check out Kill the Music.

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

Goodreads rating: 4.50/5


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