House of Night series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

First Book Published in 2007

In the House of Night world, vampyres are just a fact of everyday life. As a teenager, you may become marked, which means you are going to go through the change and turn into a vampyre (or you may just die). Then you go to a special school for blood suckers to train to become an adult vampyre. There’s a heavy focus on a higher power. In this case, it’s the vampyre goddess, Nyx. There are high priestesses and lots of ceremonies and stuff.

Zoey is our main gal. She’s just been marked and moves to the house of night school in her city. She is more special than your average vampyre fledgling. She quickly makes friends, love interests and enemies while learning about vampyre stuff and battling evil.

I’ve no doubt that you would have seen the House of Night series around. Maybe you’ve even read some of them. I bought the first three at the same time, and if I had only bought the first one then I doubt that I would have kept going. To begin with, these novels are pretty frustrating. There’s a shameless amount of name dropping, silly replacement swear words, annoying characters and ridiculous romance elements – that’s right, there isn’t just one guy after Zoey, there’s three!

But after book three, it improves a lot. Everyone seems to mature, the love square disintegrates and the plot is a lot better too. There’s ten books out so far, with more to come. I’ve only read the first seven or eight, but I’m going to catch up one of these days.

So if you gave up early on in the series, then why not give it another go – I promise it gets better!


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