Woe for my Kobo.

When I decided to buy a Kobo eReader, I was so excited. I stayed up late researching it and trying to decide if I would wait a week or two and save or just dip into my savings (I attacked the savings – it was around 12:30am and I couldn’t get to sleep because I was as keen as a bean – many of my splurges are made late at night or early in the morning). Then I had to wait a week or so for it to come in the mail (my local Angus & Robertson didn’t keep them in stock). In preparation, I sewed a little protective case out of some funky red fabric.

When it finally came, I was in love. How wonderful are those eReaders? I spent literally hours combing through the young adult section of the Kobo website, buying way too many eBooks. Back then, they would do heaps of limitless thirty percent off deals. Now, they only seem to do vouchers for one book at thirty percent off. Bummer.

Anyway, we had so many good times together, my Kobo and I. I read him outside and in bed and in my armchair and in the car and at the beach. I took him on holiday and tore through my many unread purchases (I used to make deals with myself that I wouldn’t buy any more eBooks until I had read all the ones I had already bought . . . it never worked). We spent many many hours together while I was housesitting (I hated living alone for those two weeks and didn’t have anything to do except read and clean). He survived the horrible-but-fun-to-look-back-on camping experience (there were drunken teens lapping around the secluded camping site, yelling and swearing and taking firewood from the bush, even though it had a sign that distinctly said not to take any firewood from the bush – hoodlums, I tell you! They didn’t even show up until eight at night when every single other person at the site was already asleep – who goes camping at eight at night??). 

Then, one day – one woeful day – I made the decision to buy an iPad. It was like I was possessed – the idea just popped into my head while I was at work and I couldn’t talk myself out of it. I transferred all the required funds from my savings and went to Big W straight from work and bought that seven hundred dollar iPad with only a twinge of that ‘should I really be doing this?’ feeling.

From that day, my Kobo just sat on my shelf and gathered dust – I had the Kobo and Amazon apps on my iPad, I didn’t need him anymore. “I’ll still use him,” I told myself. “I’ll take him places where I wouldn’t want to take my very expensive, shiny new iPad” But I hardly ever did use the poor fella again. He just hung around, probably feeling completely rejected.

When my sister announced that she was having a garage sale, I hunted around my room, desperately looking for stuff to sell. Poor Kobo got picked up off the shelf and sent away to be sold to some stranger. My sister said it was a man who played around with my acoustic guitar for a while. His wife picked up my Kobo and said, “buy this for your daughter, she’s been wanting one!” They got both the Kobo and the guitar for forty dollars.

Apart from when I was staying with my other sister for a couple of months (she doesn’t have a TV, and I wasn’t connected to the internet, so you can imagine the crazy amount of reading I got done there!), I haven’t read very consistently on my iPad. In fact, I’ve sort of gone off eBooks. There was something so basic and perfect about my Kobo. I think it’s the lack of distractions. With the iPad, you might be reading happily when you get an email, so you go and check it, and that makes you think of something that you wanted to look up online, so you look it up, thinking you’ll go back to reading very soon. But it’s too late, you’ve already been sucked into an hour long web surf.

Tonight I was thinking about my Kobo, and I suddenly realised that I wanted him back. Obviously I can’t have my one back, but I can buy one of his cousins. Which is exactly what I have just done. Oh, yes. There is currently an order for yours truly at JB HiFi for one lovely lilac Kobo. They’re now half the price that they used to be, with more stuff for your money. My Kobo was the very basic kind with a compass style navigation button, and no wi-fi. I can’t wait to get this new one. Lately, I’ve been feeling like all the gadgets I have are just distractions getting in the way of my reading and other creative pursuits, and my new Kobo, with it’s internet limitations, is just what I need to tackle my many many many many many many unread eBooks (I still buy more every now and again, even though I’m not reading them!).

The only downside is that I don’t think I can sync two different stores (Bookworld, formerly Borders, and Kobo) books onto the one device, even though they are all ePubs, unless that has changed since I sold my poor Kobo (I hope that the daughter of the garage sale couple treats him well, I really do). If it hasn’t, I can still reread the Borders ones on the iPad. I was only buying from them until they went under a few years ago.

Lilac Kobo, I can’t wait to meet you!


(This post will serve as a cautionary tale for myself if I ever think about selling my new Kobo – Future Laura, do NOT sell your Kobo, because you will definitely regret it!)

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