The Stylist’s Guide to NYC by Sibella Court.


Published 1st June, 2011 by Murdoch

Sibella Court, who worked in New York City for ten years as an interior stylist for leading American magazines and brands, opens her address book to reveal her favourite places in the world’s most exciting and energetic city.

This is essentially a shopping guide of interesting and amazing shops in Manhattan. It’s a beautiful book – hardcover, full colour, there are maps and pockets on the front and back  inside covers so you’ll have somewhere to put treasures and important papers while you hit the streets.

The shops are organised into sections, like Scents & Flower Merchants, Oddities & Curiosities, and Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia. Then, on top of that, Sibella Court has planned day trips for you. She offers suggestions of where to go to lunch and lets you know what time places open.

It should come as no surprise that I like to escape through books. I like to read about travel, but in the real world, I am not all that brave. This book is lovely, though. I feel like I’m there. I can imagine myself roaming the streets and having long lunches while a courier takes my purchases to my hotel. Escapism at it’s best.


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