The Goddess Guide by Giséle Scanlon.

2373150First Published 12th June, 2007 by William Morrow

Do you know where to buy the best vintage clothing? Have you ever wondered what Tracey Emin collects? Want to know why the soles of Christian Louboutin’s beautiful shoes are always crimson red? Going to Paris and need to know where to stay and what perfumes to bring home with you? Perhaps you have a room to decorate and want to put up – and customise – your own wallpaper? Still searching for the best fitting jeans, the snuggliest duvet, the secret to having perfectly toned arms?

This is another one of those beautiful books that you don’t really need but definitely want. It’s full of information about shops and markets, fashion and beauty, home decorating and art, travel – even camping. It is lovely to look at – full cover pages, and oodles and oodles of photos and illustrations put together collage style.

I like to peruse The Goddess Guide aimlessly, but there’s plenty of inspiration and advice to be found within.


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