Looking For Alaska by John Green.

934301263 pages

First Published 3rd March, 2005 by Dutton Juvenile

Miles Halter decides to go to Culver Creek, a boarding school, in order to seek a “Great Perhaps.” There he meets Alaska – ‘clever, funny, self-destructive and dead sexy’ – and a cast of other awesome characters. They pull these amazing pranks and are just generally crazy cool. There’s love and tragedy, it’s funny and moving – the old saying ‘you’ll

laugh, you’ll cry’ definitely applies.

I seriously cannot gush about this book enough. I can’t even find the right words to gush properly. I just get mentally tongue tied.

Obviously John Green is an incredible writer. Everything he has written has a coveted spot on my ‘favourites’ book shelf. I recommend him all the time. He is an evoker of emotions.

I adore the way that a lot of his main characters throughout his books have quirky habits. Here, Miles loves last words, and has memorised an arsenal of them. Meanwhile, Alaska has her ‘Life’s Library’ – hundreds of books that she has been buying from garage sales and the such since she was a little kid but never has the time to read. Now they line her walls, waiting to be read.

If you haven’t read any of John Green’s books before, then you better do it right now. Like, right now.


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