This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.

13625734407 pages

First published April 2nd, 2013 by Poppy.

A few months ago, Ellie received an accidental email from a complete stranger. She and this mysterious person strike up an unlikely relationship, sharing almost everything except for the truth about Ellie’s past and her pen pals true identity.
Ellie lives in a small touristy town in Maine – As soon as June hits, the population swells. It’s Ellie’s least favourite time of year anyway, but this summer is even worse because teen heartthrob Graeme Larkin is filming his latest movie in town. Then the two of them meet, and things get tricky. Can two people, worlds apart but brought together by chance, make it against all the odds?

If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

This is What Happy Looks Like is told from the perspectives of Ellie and Graeme before and after they meet in Maine and sort of start dating. But because of Ellie’s secret, it’s difficult for them to be together, or even to be seen together. This is an unabashed teen romance, and a happy one at that. Even though I am a fan of tragic/bittersweet novels, it’s still nice to read something sweet every once in a while. This is the sort of summer novel that you can read after you’ve finished something heavy, when you just want to give yourself a bit of a break. It’s like a KitKat of books. You’ll enjoy this if you don’t have any grand expectations: have a break, read This is What Happy Looks Like.


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