Midnite by Rudolph Stow.

20130716-110747.jpg121 pages

Published 1969 by Puffin

Midnite: the story of a wild colonial boy.

Even though Midnite was seventeen, he wasn’t very bright. So when his father died, his five animal friends decided to look after him. Khat, the Siamese, suggested he became a bushranger and Red Ned his horse offered to help. But it wasn’t very easy, especially when Trooper O’Grady kept putting him in prison. So it was just as well that in the end he found gold!

This is maybe my favourite book of all time. I read it for the first time when I was ten or eleven for school and loved it. Somehow I got a hold of a copy and have read it countless times since. It’s such a fun, classic Australian book. Midnite’s this poor, naive bloke. He’s not terribly attractive or clever, but you cant help but love him. He only has one friend, Trooper O’Grady, who keeps throwing him in gaol. Luckily, his animal friends bust him out every time. There’s also Laura, a young lady that Midnite is in hopeless love with. Seriously, it’s the best book.


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