The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder.

Image357 pages

Published December 8th, 2011 by Razorbill

Campbell has cancer. She is seventeen and probably won’t make it to her eighteenth birthday. She doesn’t believe in a whole lot of anything. She’s the kind of girl who thinks that Mary probably just told people that she was carrying God’s child because she was knocked up and didn’t want to admit it. But her mum and her sister aren’t like that at all. They won’t give up. Her mother hears about a place in Maine called Promise that is supposed to be magical – a place where miracles are abundant. There are all these rumours: fish raining from the sky, purple dandelions, flamingoes mysteriously migrating there. So Campbell, her mum and sister pack up for the summer and head to Promise, where they encounter many miracles: flamingoes, unicorns, dolphins, true love, new friends, quick growing vegetables and even hope.

One Summer to Live a Lifetime

This was a pretty good book. At the beginning I found some of the anti-christianity views a tad offensive – but seeing as it’s just how Campbells character is, I got over it.

I’ll admit that I absolutely love bittersweet (also read as depressing) books because I find more meaning in them then in something that’s all sugary sweetness and happy endings. They can be corny, you know? So The Probability of Miracles was good in that respect. Also, it’s a summer novel – I really love summer novels, too (beaches! no school! new loves!) – so that’s another plus there. Finally, it made me cry – some good, proper blubbering. A bittersweet, summer novel that made me cry – surely that must be some kind of trifecta?


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