Losing It by Lizzie Wilcock.

6889947314 pages

Published March 1st, 2006 by Scholastic Australia

Losing It is a coming of age tale about Gabbie Martyn. Basically, she is fourteen and pretty naive. At the beginning, her mum buys her her first bra. Her uncle moves in because his wife kicked him out. She meets a new boy at school – the gorgeous Zak, from New Zealand. She practices karaoke with her dad without a shred of sarcasm. She has a new best friend, Zoe – who may not be the best influence. Gradually, her easy life from before gets trickier. Sex becomes so much more pertinent. Her best friend gets arrested. She starts to lie. She drinks alcohol at a party. Rumours get spread about her. Her uncle who seemed so sweet before starts seeming creepy and inappropriate.

It’s a fantastic novel. It is not a cute love story between two teens. It is dark. It does show a more extreme side to how a young girl may grow up (think of the movie Thirteen) – but it isn’t unrealistic. Losing It is a powerful book that will stay with you. Definitely read it.


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