Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington.

Image330 pages

Published May 1st, 2013 by HarperCollins Australia

Sabine has two lives.

She lives each day twice: once in Wellesley with her rich family and perfect-on-paper boyfriend, Dex, and then once in Roxbury with her much less-well-off family with a younger sister that she absolutely adores. She is the same girl, technically, but her personality is different in each place. In Roxbury she is a bit of a rebel. But in Wellesley she is the rich popular girl. Sabine remembers everything from her two lives, but has never told anyone. Most of all, she just wants to live one life, like everyone else, but it seems impossible. But when the rules of her existence start to change a little, it appears as if her dream is finally within reach. Sabine begins to experiment, trying to test the rules that she has figured out over the years, first quite innocently, but then a little more dangerously. But before she can figure it all out for sure, her circumstances in Roxbury change drastically and hopelessly. Now the choice of which life to keep should be  super easy, except that then Sabine meets Ethan in Roxbury. She feels more when she’s with him than she ever did with Dex, her Wellesley boyfriend.

The Perfect Life, or the Perfect Love?

This is a great book, and pretty short too, so you can practically devour it in one sitting. I liked both versions of Sabine – her glamorous, wealthy self and her unaffected, ‘rebel’ self. I don’t really want to reveal more about the plot or the rules, so that you can experience all the nitty gritty details and events unfolding as you read it yourself. Just know that it is very easy to read, and to keep reading. I believe that everything to do with Sabine’s two lives was thought out well, and explained pretty well too.

It reminded me a little bit of Switch by Carol Snow, which I really liked.

I definitely recommend this one to all young adult fiction fans. Everyone who is sick of starting yet another series, take note: this is a standalone book – how rare are those nowadays? So get a hold of it and get reading!


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