Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

Paperback, 399 pages

Published August 30, 1993 by Ballantine

IBSN: 9780345370778

We all know the storyline of the movie: eccentric rich guy and dinosaur enthusiast John Hammond (and his team of scientists) have discovered a way to clone dinosaurs, using blood from mosquitoes that were caught in tree sap and fossilised. He creates a theme park on a secluded island. A team of specialists are assembled to check out this park before it’s opening. Unfortunately, things turn deadly. . .

The book is essentially the same, but much better (as is often the case with adaptations). I’ve seen the movie tonnes of times, but there were still plenty of surprises in the novel. There were even a few scenes in here that the second and third movie used.

Most of the characters are pretty much the same. Hammond, however, is a little different. More of a bad guy – kind of. Pretty naive, too. I think that Ian Malcolm is my favourite character. He’s always making these drawn out monologues about the pitfalls of Jurassic Park and the lack of discipline Hammond and his team have.

The dinosaurs are really cool, also. It’s interesting reading about the different species and their characteristics. The velociraptors are terrifying – even more so than in the film.

This is a fun, science filled thriller. Definitely check it out.


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