Tomorrow Land by Mari Mancusi.

ImageeBook, 281 pages

Published March 8th, 2012 by NLA Digital (originally published as Razor Girl)

Tomorrow Land chronicles the adventures of Peyton and Chris through two timelines. The first is four years ago, when the world was just starting to show signs of the apocalypse. Peyton’s father has been predicting and preparing for the end times for years. He has built a shelter in their house and planned to meet up with other scientists at a predetermined location, to work together and create a new, better world.

The second timeline is now, as Peyton leaves the shelter for the first time. Armed with body enhancements that her father gave her – ocular implants with GPS, razors that retract into her fingers (Wolverine style) and nanos to make her stronger – and the experience that many many hours of martial arts training has given her, Peyton is on a mission to get to her father in Florida. But when she meets up with Chris – her old flame – things get more complicated.

Their are also two points of view – Peyton’s and Chris’. I dare say that Peyton takes charge most of the time. The two POV thing works well with the romance side of things – you are privy to both parties thoughts and regrets. It’s not as cute as I’ve seen in other books – less involuntary ‘aw!’ing, but that could be viewed as a plus.

As a post zombie apocalypse novel, this follows a pretty standard template. An across country journey, zombies shuffling around everywhere, leading characters that are super good at fighting, broken up society – hardly any humans left, and the ones that are left are excellent examples of how low humanity can sink, etc.

Look, it’s not the best zombie book I’ve read, but it’s pretty good. And for under four dollars from either Amazon or Kobo, how can you go wrong?

If you like your romance on the fluffy and somewhat predictable side, and your zombies not too gory, Tomorrow Land may just be the book for you.


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