Fighting Readersblock.

Lately I have been suffering from a crippling bout of readersblock. Most unusual for me. It’s all these amazing box sets that are to blame. I keep discovering great shows and getting hooked on them, unfortunately leaving less time for books. But no more, I say. No more! I shall nurture my favourite and oldest habit once again.

The mistake that I always make when I have readersblock, is that I pick up small books, thinking that I will read them quickly and suddenly, miraculously, be back into the swing of things. Unfortunately for me, length is no real indication of whether a book will be awesome or boring, and I just end up making my condition worse. I think that there are two possible remedies: a) I happen to happen upon a book that is amazing and re-instills a love of reading within me once again, or b) read an old favourite. Possibly my favourite book of all time is Midnite, by Randolph Stow. And guess what: I have no idea where it is. So I guess I will just have to happen to happen upon a new favourite. Hmm.

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